Saturday, November 12, 2005

Alas,I have joined The-Gooch

I have just started this site as a result of having a friend who has a blog here and in order to comment on his blog I must also have a blog. Thus being said, Hello.I don't know how extensively I will use this but we'll see. I think it will be nice to have a free flowing blog where not all of my friends will know about it. I'm usually on myspace but feel the need to follow The-Gooch around(ha ha). Well, I'm off to shower and get ready to work. I hope to add more later. Ciao!


Blogger Leroy said...

Excellent! We're now tied to the one-ness that is the interweb! You should try using the Micorsoft Word plug-in that's advertised for this site. It makes posting so much easier, however, if you want to update an actual site, you must go through a two-step process (or so it seems from all my attempts).

Anyway, Natalie, welcome to! Oh, the main reason I ended up signing up for a blog here was to post on a friend's site, as well. Funny how that works out, right? ;) See ya around the blogoshpere!

10:03 AM  

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